Admitting there’s a problem is the first step to recovery…


  1. Has no one ever explained to you not to talk with food in your mouth? Aside from that, and the grueling sound of you smacking your lips a hundred times.. it was a good analysis.

  2. Chael, … Hope that Hot Dog is as good as it would have been if you'd went to "Mikes Drive-In" in Oregon City.

  3. Look at cheal show boating showing everyone hes eating a hotdog hahah rub it in cheal rub it in. Do us a favor tho dont chew good while u talk it rude lol

  4. i sometimes like to imagine being professor Sonnens student and going on long drives/walks/restaurant visits while he talks to me about fighting and life in general. I'm very lonely

  5. Even the great Chael Sonnen missed on this one. THIS time.
    Ngannou did not write that statement guys.
    All of a sudden he has great spelling and sentence forming abilities?
    His social media management wrote that, as far as we know he still hasn't come out and address that on camera.

  6. The suspense of whether or not he would take a bite of that chili dog was killing me.

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