The Fighter and The Kid – Episode 368


  1. It took Brendan dealing with a robbery personally to realize the cops can't make it to you in time and that there's legitimate reasons for having guns? Damn dude. How many people are just like him on that and will never experience a robbery, but are adamant about gun control?

  2. What's brave is those fuckin lame ass pants Schuab has on. Where's the flood pal? And you have the same hat as an Asian tourist at Disney Land in '04. Fuck outta here.

  3. Brandon seems tired of doing this podcast, he should take a vacation but CTE already got him.

  4. Lol y'all some phonies, all the comments about the rat king. Tfatk got over 200k subs. Theo von under 80k… some ones a fucking liar. Onward

  5. Hey Mr. Calabasas.. no one smuggles money in their asshole. Wtf are you talking about bro

  6. Brendan looks like cm punks older brother and fights like him too

  7. The sign guy who put bitch Brandan scwaab was for sure a hater lol what a nerd, onward

  8. I honestly believe deep down in my heart that Bryan Callen could fuck up Cm Punk

  9. I have never seen 2 grown ass men discuss so deeply how much money they could fit in their ass 😂🤦🏻‍♂️

  10. Wtf where is theo? Get this callen fucker outta here with his obsolete ass.

  11. “There’s so little cops in such a mass area…” I love it when the words coming out of Schaub’s mouth fight his brain. It’s like his brain is telling his mouth to slow down because I’m not that smart.

  12. Fucking amazing it took Chin that long to figure out they were convinced there are people smuggling large amounts of cash in their assholes lol

  13. I dont think people were giving him credit for bravery but moreso for heart. He didnt walk away after getting fucked by mickey gall and he wanted to redeem himself. at age 40. Even though he was eating mike jacksons elbows and punches all 3 rounds he kept on going forward and didnt go down. so he showed alot of hear, not trying to give participation points but he did

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