The Church Of What’s Happening Now: #597 – Joe Schilling and Mickey Gall


  1. It looks like joey had two young men over his apt to drug them, lie to them until the drugs kick in then molest them. This whole scene creeps me out. I have NEVER laughed at anything joey has said. He sucks as a comedian. His drug stories are wicked typical and stupid as fuck if youre actually from new york,rhode island , boston this is just an average AA meetings banter. If youre from los angeles this is apparently interesting to hear some fat guy embelish stories about back east that sound like the coast is drug den of hookers and spics. Well it is but only if youre living in the gutter. Cocaine is gross – most of the stories this dude tells you can never verify. They all have to do with scummy drugs. I just cant listen to this shit lol. Nothing i want to hear. This idiot reassuring you about shit he figured out when he was over 50 years old lol. Fuck outta here with your paper brick walls eating 3000 milligrams of bud mumbling in a fried voice i hate that gay shit. All this guy did was lie to joe rogan – latch onto him and try to impress him with how bad he treated his body and the people around him. If joey was to run out of lies then joe rogan would be bored with him. So he must continue to make up dumb shit lol thats just my opinion.

  2. Joe Schilling, yes! Mickey Mouse, no! The guy is a complete prick! Only beats cans but acts like a killer πŸ™ˆ

  3. Lee "Im a sober comedian now" Syatt still owes us at least one Podcast and Im not feelin so good myself. I loved finally getting to see this episode after almost watching it on Vimeo like Joey Bananas. I wish Joey would have given Mickey and Joe a small five to twist the tits off of Festos….teach him about tardiness and acting the fool.

  4. Oh my goodness. This is top 10 worthy. Love these two. Together they could be insanely good partners. Bjj badass and a kickboxing champ

  5. About fucking time, I've been nodding off waiting for this shit. Dammit Lee. I been watching twerking vids trying to stay awake and somehow ended up with mudfinger.

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