Nutrition Q&A with Mike Dolce and Coach Zahabi – Starts 2:01


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  2. Was directed here last night. Soon as I get work in check along with my bills I will 100% be getting the "Black Pack" and either the 4 week or 12 week program!

    Very pleased with this channel. Excited. Hopeful.

  3. Next Q&A can you talk about what I think is a fault in scoring and public perception in the ufc. I feel like the judging isn't focusing enough on significant MOMENTS rather than significant strikes. If a fighter is scoring knockdowns, takedowns or rocking his opponent while being out struck I still think the round should go to them. Those are potentially fight ending moments and should count more than any strike. I think this is even reflected in the scoring criteria but it doesn't seem to be taken into account. For example I think Romero won the fight last night.

  4. Love the advice and the video. Keep up the great content Firas, shalom brother.
    "Diets fail, lifestyles don't."

  5. Mike is awesome, really knows his stuff, time tested and proven results. Just a couple of questions, why when I eat oatmeal in the morning do I get ravenously hungry 2 hrs later…actually I think I know the answer now, cuz I didn't include a protein? Another question what are the best cuts of meat.

  6. Two of my favorite experts in one video! Now I want Firaz going over BJJ moves with Mike – that video!

  7. Would be lovely to be able to afford all those ingredients and have shops that stocked them in a shit city in the UK. I know he's right but a perfect diet is not attainable for everyone.

  8. microwave frozen blueberries in a coffee mug so all the water catches, throw a spoon of chai seeds in and wait 3 mins… perfect texture for jam with the most minimal effort, no boiling or pectin.

  9. No pills, powders, potions, and No Steroids! Whole foods, God has perfected our world. In India, Predictive Homeopathy ( natural medicine)  is the First Strain of medicine and people are cured of cancer everyday. The media won't tell you about this, because the pharmaceuticals fund the research for the whole of the medical industry , they own it and they fund political leaders to maintain power. Try to work towards being a vegetarian too or eating less meat, the animals need a rest and most meat these days is contaminated, research it.

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