Live Chat: Greg Hardy, UFC 225 Results, Weigh-In Changes And More

On today’s podcast, we’ll discuss former NFL All Pro Greg Hardy winning his pro debut on Dana White’s Tuesday Night Contender Series. What’s next for him and what does it mean? We’ll get into it. Plus, we’ll discuss all of the results from UFC 225, potential changes by White to the weigh-ins and more. This is the Promotional Malpractice Live Chat with Luke Thomas.


  1. You need to check your personal political bias if you’re going to make strong assertions, like attributing current identity politics to the right. Maybe you’re just that engulfed in media rhetoric, but the left constantly pushes identity politics; in TV, movies, comics, news, etc. It is mirrored by certain factions on the right, but not with anywhere near the volume or platform that exists on the left.

    If anything, take a look at the irony. The reason most people on the right speak out against “SJW” propaganda is because of the very thing you dodged – politics UNBIASEDLY being injected into everything. People on the right, or even center/center-left are just sick of hearing about it at every turn.

    THAT is the racial tension you feel bubbling up, not what’s actually happening, because the claims made by the left aren’t rooted in fact. So it’s just the reactions and feelings that are surfacing.

  2. That Anthony Bourdain stuff is really sad. I read that he was madly in love with Asia Argento, and prior his marriage fell apart. I think police said it looked like it was an impulsive act. Overall, it's sad, it seems that he was overworked and perhaps his romantic life wasn't in the best spot. It sucks, he was able to travel the world and do what he loves, but not all the areas of his life were in a healthy level.

  3. 30:59 the difference isn't just that Chael and Conor are charming, but we give them a pass, because they're communicating through comedy and humor, which lets you know that they're not actually serious about what they say. Colby says things in a half-assed performance that makes it sound like he's saying it earnestly.

  4. to the people that just automatically paint greg hardy as an irredeemable supervillain, his 911 transcript:

    "911: Charlotte Mecklenburg 911, this is David.

    Hardy: (Inaudible.) She’s hit me in the face
    twice. She won’t get out. We’re trying to get
    her out of my house. She keeps running back in
    every time. My neighbor is outside, she’s
    witnessed everything.

    911: What’s the address?

    Hardy: Somebody please come.

    911: Sir?

    Hardy: I have a videotape of everything. … Keep
    her away from me, please. My assistant is
    trying to retain her. She’s trying to break
    free, hit me with her heel. Now I’m literally
    running around the table right now. She’s
    trying to hit me with a shoe.

    911: What’s your phone number?

    Hardy: Ahhh (expletive). She broke some glass.
    Man, (expletive). (Expletive)!"

    did you know the majority of domestic abuse incidents are initiated by the woman?


    stick to mma, not so much the politics there luke

  6. Ufc 225 bombed.. Romero missing weight was a big factor and nobody cares about Covington or RDA and that fake title. Not to mention the C.M punk failure

  7. Luke using big words and talking intellectual with dudes that comment "RIP CALLEN ". If this channel is to survive, you're going to have to dumb it down dramatically, my man!!

  8. Brock suspension hasn't started yet since he pulled out from the testing so doesn't he need to get back into the testing pool and then the clock starts again

  9. Luke, i find it amazing how accurately you can pinpoint problems yet continually draw the incorrect conclusion. Especially when referencing politics. You are clearly living within the DC bubble. Its like a psuedo intellectual aversion to common sense.

  10. how do you pass a law in the US congress for global competitions?
    International laws are passed by international bodies, not by government X.

  11. Dam right it's a politically charged time. We are in a fight for our very existence

  12. I've been a fan of mmafighting since AOL days. AH is a true legend who I loved watching over the years. This guy however is the reason why I'm unsubscribing from this channel now. He is a vulgar human being with a big chip on his shoulder. I hope sbnation and mmafighting find a good replacement for Ariel. If Luke Thomas is the only person doing video content on this channel, it will suffer greatly and what Ariel build will be destroyed by this guy. As a loyal fan of mmafighting, I would like to see more of the same programming, maybe with Chiappetta, or Mindenhall.

  13. I voted for Trump I did not thumbs down you when you said that comment though because I believe that you're right I did vote for Trump because of those a lot of those reasons that you stated white identity is important to me

  14. Tyron is the only one getting racial. i cant listen to it anymore. im seriously considering not paying any attention to UFC until after the PPV. Its already gonna be the first PPV in 3 years im not buying or watching because I refuse to give Woodley any money.

  15. False on Darren Till becoming WW champ someday?? …… unless your reasoning was his weight issues and therefore going to MW I don’t see how you could say false! Lol. Dude is 25 and just beat wonderboy.

  16. yo LT you still hitting the gym, still powerlifting? you catching any of the ipf action? hows the deadlift lookin? i cant ask you on twitter or on mmafighting bc i dont have accounts there

  17. Many pro teams have fixers these days not just the Cowboys. They have to especially the NFL that league employs more wife beating roid ragers than any other. NBA I would imagine have guys that cover up the recreational drugs and women. Obviously some guys get caught because they're team or themselves don't have a fixer. Go find the video of Cris Carter telling NFL rookies to employ guys to take the fall for them if they break the law.

  18. Clay guida came out to refused-new noise
    Also i forget who it was but someone walked out to classic lil boosie both stood out as eternally epic for me
    Sexyama was a good choice too!

  19. I never said it wasn't effective I said the fact it's effective is pathetic, and shows how low the bar is for most fans.

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