JRE MMA Show #30 with Sean O’Malley & Tim Welch


  1. O'Malley lighting up the views 156k! "AKA: Kid lightning , Sean Don, frow'd flailer, slim gym, Irish bash man, purple punisher!

  2. "People that are drinking too much, and smoking too much, and eating bad foods" – Like you, Joe? You're starting to slip man boobs..

  3. I like how around 48:00 when they show the wolf dog website online, the targeted ads are all mma related on the side for Joe lol

  4. Sorry! I meant at 2:15:00. I may or may not have "joined in the fun "while watching this one. I mean, c'mon…

  5. Truthfully, I think it gots nothing to do with kneeling. I think the meeting with fkn North Korea has got ol’ Donny Boy’s attention! 😂

  6. I don’t understand why I read the comments. I’m always super disappointed, it’s like it’s everybody’s first time listening or they always listen but don’t retain any of the info ever said. It’s like reading Facebook or twitter on any random post. Where’s all the people who’s listened for years and know anything they’re talking about?

  7. God the weed hit hard. Reminds me of the time that my friend compared the world to an ear.

  8. This was positive as fuck. Like two JRE fanboys go and hang out with Joe for three hours. And they can all kill you with their bare hands.

  9. ROGAN making up for the short 1127 podcast. Funny how Sean " fuuuhhck " o'Malley wanted to leave so bad after 2 hours.

  10. sober talking about fights… gets high and bang!!! smooth metal pills that artificial intelligence puts up our ass!!! lol gotta love weed!

  11. Haha that's crazy sean is 23 already on rogans podcast and close to headlining a ufc card soon. This dudes the next big star

  12. Joe "squeeze the fuck out of my left hand under my armpit when stoned 100%" rogan

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