Joe Rogan Experience #1129 – Tom Papa


  1. Really enjoying these 3 hour podcast lately. This guy and Greg fitzsimen are my top 10 favorite guest.

  2. I love Tom Papa on Saturday evenings. Wonderful to get to know him better. Thanks.

  3. Joe is devastated about bourdain. It's like pappa is trying to act interested to cheer him up. Get him off topic, distract him away from bourdain. Pappa is kind of interested but not really he's just keeping joe on a roll. Thom is the definition of a great friend. And a better person. Full Stop

  4. 2:50:00 I've been a teacher for 10 years; I've been in class with around 1500 students during that time. I've taught 4 students that I thought Ritalin was a good idea for. The rest…it dulls their senses to the extent that I fear they won't find productive ways learn to deal with normal human emotion. That said…consult a PSYCHIATRIST!! (Not a GP…psychotropic drugs are not their primary thing.)

  5. Thats awesome about the bread show! Could happen to a sweeter guy.

  6. Great podcast, always nice to watch the ones with his friends. So relaxed with a nice flow

  7. I cannot stand when people who arent depressed try to talk about understanding depression. Its such a slap in the face.

  8. If it’s in a lyric I will sing along! If I choose to spend my money on their music . It’s not in a wrong context it’s a fucking song. It was Wrong what he did to her. I’m not spending my money on his music anymore.

  9. Ugh…MORE Papa? Just came here to say that before leaving and waiting for tomorrow's guest.

  10. Anyone else think joe has been in a bad mood for weeks? He hasn’t been very engaged

  11. i was waiting for Joe to talk about Bourdain. As someone who has struggled with depression and and someone who loved what Anthony was doing, his death really hit me, and still does. Depression is a hard thing to shake, sometimes it just hits you. And when you drink it can really magnify that sadness. No matter how successful or great your life is, you still can't shake it. I know all too well how your feelings can take a downturn. I attempted suicide and i still struggle with finding meaning and a reason to keep going. I know how Anthony felt and it shows that we are not alone in feeling this way and in a fucked up way his death brings me comfort. thank you Joe for talking about this. Much love.

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