Joe Rogan Experience #1126 – Erik Griffin


  1. Joe still cant accept that Trump Won.
    Just look at the map that shows the counties, it's almost all RED, only a few blue counties, even in California it's just the big cities that voted for the old cunt.
    I guess for Joe they don't matter that live out there, outside of LA and NY.

  2. I like when Joe goes into the psychology behind why people do and say weird shit because ALOT of people "most" are so selfish and insecure that 90% of them live in denial and hate watch waiting to get offended for reasons on a psychological scale they can't even begin to grasp. ALOT of people suffer from insecurities as far back as they're child hood and will grow habits instead of problem solving skills because they stay to the same social groups with the same habits and the fruit always bares the same results. Limited and angry.

  3. mac products are more so geared towards designers than writers, thats why the keyboard is so sleek, its easier when using shortcuts/keystrokes in design software.

  4. He's definitely trolling Eddie Bravo with that shirt.. and I bet you Jamie designed it

  5. Why no voting online? So candidates dont win by 311,600,000 votes. Russia already influenced the last election using online hypnosis. Why make easier by setting up fake citizen accounts to vote and identity fraud has never been a problem. Get up off your arse and vote people.

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