Episode 86: Undertaker 1995-1997

“Ohhhhhh yessssss!” we’ve got everything you could ever want to know about the Phenom, the Undertaker from 1995, 1996, and 1997! “REST IN PEACE” that we cover why the “druids” were with Undertaker, how Undertaker handled autograph signings in the mid 90s, how the WWF almost did Baywatch, an incredible never-before-heard story about what Vince wanted to do to create controversy at NAPTE in 95, how Vince tried to piggyback the Super Bowl, why King Kong Bundy was chosen for Taker at 11, whether or not Ventura almost came back and why it didn’t happen, Steve McMichael almost wrestling here rather than WCW,

why Vince didn’t sign the Fridge, the most random SMW tag match ever, an incredible story about Doot Doot Doot getting hired in the WWF, what Missy was considered for during this era and why it didn’t happen, who was offered to crown the King of the Ring and you won’t believe it, who Vince wanted to do a guest spot on In Your House is maybe the craziest story of the week, Undertaker’s first pinfall loss since Hogan years prior being to MABEL, the television rights deal with USA with specific numbers discussed will shock you, who Vince tried to leverage USA against for more money, more about the WWF blimp, whether or not the NBA actually blocked the WWF coming back to NBC, shooting the opening for RAW upsetting the locals in Stamford, ESPN working with the WWF back in 95, why Tatanka was fired will shock you, why the WWF ran a poll for whether or not OJ was guilty on TV (yes, that happened!), Bill Watts and his brief run in the WWF, a story even Bruce doesn’t want to tell about JJ Dillon, so much good stuff about Lisa Wolf, the heat on Mabel for hurting guys, how Taker handled the broken orbital bone, why Brother Love was back in 95, the ECW talent was heavily considered in 95 is not the name you expect, revisit the feuds with Diesel, Goldust,

and Mankind, how chokeslamming Sable came about, Bruce’s thought’s on Live Wire, why Undertaker started doing planchas and what he called them, more details than you ever imagined on a Buried Alive match, how Gordy was brought in and why it didn’t last, the 1996 Hall of Fame banquet, how Bruce describes Undertaker’s look at Survivor Series, why Cornette thought Bruce was ribbing him in an Undertaker skit, the great Final Four match, the 1996 Slammys, why Vince looked to the Undertaker for Mania 13, did shit Sid himself, the first fireball in WWF TV history, why New Jersey got TV and PPV again in 1997, how Taker handled the Vader incident in Kuwait, why Meltzer thought Papa Shango was coming back, John Tesh’s crazy contract rider, Yokozuna’s weight loss, Sid collapsing backstage, why Taker needed to lose the belt at SummerSlam, the crazy chair shots in August, was Kane supposed to debut in September, why the company decided to stop doing One Night Only type shows, where does Bruce rank the first Hell in a Cell, why Taker wasn’t on Survivor Series 1997, blood pressure issues, the BSK, grey to purple gloves, the dangers of the tombstone, Undertaker’s tattoos, the Curtain Call, Wrestler’s Court, why body bags went away, and much more in one of our longest episodes ever!

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