EPISODE 105: King Of The Ring 1993

The Summer of 1993 might be one of the most interesting times in the history of the WWF. With the Federal investigation looming, Vince McMahon steps down as President of Titan Sports after 12 years in the role, Tom Cole’s story and the “ring boy scandal” continues to twist in the media, Hulk Hogan is working with NJPW but he’s the WWF Champion and he wants to leave to do TV full time, Bret Hart feels like his opportunity to be the top guy was taken from him by a “half-in” Hogan, Yokozuna is the monster heel Vince loves, and somebody needs him at SummerSlam. But wasn’t Hart-Hogan the plan at SummerSlam?

What subtle hints were dropped on this broadcast and what “out” did Vince leave himself with the booking? Of course Bruce discusses the incredible performance by Bret Hart, a rusty Mr. Perfect who doesn’t look rusty at all, a hot angle with Lawler to finish the show. the silly photographer outfit, and the weird transitional period within the company where stars from the “golden era” like Hacksaw Duggan are still in the company when guys like Razor, Diesel, and Shawn are coming into their own. And oh yeah, the guys discuss that “European tour” that got them into the worst fight in show history back on the WrestleMania IX episode.

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