Chael Sonnen talks about the importance of folkstyle wrestling and Final X


  1. best style freestyle , freestyle beats folkstyle , internationally USA lacks cause they don't train freestyle young

  2. Yes American wrestlers….but the Russian wrestlers seem to be the ones winning all the Olympic medals……

  3. Can someone please explain the difference between collegiate and freestyle wrestling? I thought they were the same thing but not according to Chael.

  4. George St Pierre is proof that you don't have specialize in either as well. He has been probably the best in mma history with his takedowns & ground control and never wrestled in college.

  5. TRUTH… many athletes agree Wrestling … Varsity High School or College level is one of the hardest Sports you will ever do, grueling physically and mentally taxing even men who have played in the NFL have spoken about how tough wrestling is there is no team helping you it's just you out there one on one looking to BEST the other person with a combination of speed strength and technique

  6. Chael has an ability to make u interested in something you never had a care for

  7. Casually waiting for Chael's reaction to the Joe Rogan/Ari Shafir podcast.

  8. You have to respond to what ari said about you on joes podcast. He literally called you a retard and a high school drop out. Time to take him to school

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