Yair Rodriguez Cut From UFC | Luke Thomas

Yair Rodriguez is no longer with the UFC. UFC President Dana White released him on Friday after, apparently, becoming frustrated with his lack of willingness to accept fights, time off and a tweet White seemed to take exception to. Rodriguez hadn’t fought since UFC 211 when he lost to Frankie Edgar, his only loss inside the organization. They wanted the Mexican featherweight to face Zabit Magomedsharipov at UFC 227, but Rodriguez, for whatever reason, didn’t appear interested.


  1. Nate & Nick turn down fights , Connor hasn't fought in almost 2 yrs but this kid gets cut UFC is becoming a joke

  2. WTF really ?
    looks like Dana White acts how he wants and how his mood is >:<
    so how many Fighters have refuse to fight someone in the past….including Nate Diaz and so on ???
    thanks Luke for the info !

  3. He’ll be back probably, Bellator is a good move for Yair and Belllator! He can be a star and build up his skills and experience. He shouldn’t have been turning down the likes of Zabit, he has potential for sure, hope he does well. Let’s not all cry about it

  4. Can someone enlighten me?
    I don't get it, how can the ufc decide the contract they have with a fighter is invalid while the fighter cannot decide the same thing?
    If they cut someone, does the ufc give them the salary of the remaining fights or something? If the ufc can just let someone go (without consent of the fighter himself), why can't people leave on their own and join bellator while they are under contract with the ufc?

    A contract is an agreement between two parties right, not an agreement of the fighter to exclusively fight for the ufc if the ufc wants them to?

  5. I have the video on mute because im working…didnt yair zabit just become official? .whats going on? …and unprofessional on danas behalf to tweet what he did imo..
    Hate on boxing all you want but at least you dont have one promoter controlling and calling the shots for everyone…this is why he doesnt want anything to do with unionization ?#controlfreak

  6. I love it. They should get back to doing this more often. He turned down 2 good fights & took a year off, gtfoh

  7. He shouldve taken the Zabit fight. Zabit didnt even look all that impressive in his last fight, couldn't finish a no-name small guy

  8. Good riddance to bad rubbish. This shouldn't even be a story. It's not shocking at all and well deserved. The bigger story is how badly Mackenzie Dern missed weight.

  9. Unfortunate timing and luck, however maybe fighters won't turn down a silly number of fights. (Not saying Yair did but the LW and WW division is a good example)

  10. Man Luke is fast with the quick update. Appreciate the coverage Luke. I was wondering what was going on.

  11. Luke, thing is Yair had a fun fighting style and no one gives two shits of Leslie Smith. No one cared when she was in the UFC and no one cares now that she's out of it. Yair is kind of a loss for the UFC and the UFC is a loss for Leslie Smith.

  12. Wow!…well I said on another mma channel that I didn't feel this was a good matchup for him, but shit man! I can understand the UFC's point of view…I truly believe that 'the Conor McGregor effect' has made all this possible!…fighters now demand too much, even when they seem to have zero ppv power, also the ducking and being picky with opponents must be getting on UFC's managements nerves. However Yair himself has to share some of the blame here, plus his own mma growth will take a hit now that he is no longer a fighter in ANY organisation!

  13. Wow… the UFC and Dana White are such a 2-faced, backstabbing P.O.S. Company… UFC are just like parasites feeding off of the fighter's bloodline, then they quickly move on to the next body and suck them dry.

  14. Now he should go find Dana White run up to his car throw doli straight through his window and then he'll be back in the UFC….???????

  15. Conor does as he pleases and ducks fights for 2 years and they chop this kid? Pathetic

  16. Must be something more going on than just what we can see. UFC had big plans for him just a year ago. And they generally don't release young fighters that are talented and marketable.

  17. I can't believe they actually cut him. But to be honest, all mma journos and fans loved that in the UFC top fighters fight each other, and that was refreshing from boxing, now we are happy that it's turning into the boxing model ? I understand that fighters can demand more more or whatever but in the past year fighters have been turning down fights left and right and the entire welterweight division was waiting for anybody to accept a fight. The UFC and Dana are trying to send a message and make an example out of him !

  18. 1) Cutting Rodriguez further dismantles any legal case Leslie Smith has against the UFC for cutting her.
    2) Sends clear message to the rest of the troops to start falling in line (…look out Woodley, DJ, etc lol)
    3) Probably felt good to put a snot-nosed kid in his place (…after ego-documentary)

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