The Fighter and The Kid – Episode 363: Wes Chatham


  1. What if they made Brendan write a book? Like actually sit down by himself with no help and try to write a full book. Now that would be some funny shit.

  2. I get comedic acting but dramatic acting is so stupid to me I don't get it. Seems sociopathic

  3. The Expanse is the best sci-fi show in the last 20 years, maybe more. This guy is a beast

  4. taking a knee is free speech?
    kneeling=fuck the police?
    such a disruptive spectacle lmao
    who gets triggered by kneeling? wow
    problem solved….all players tie their shoe at the same time during anthem

  5. He IS ON ONE OF THE BEST SHOWS ON T.V…Thank you Amazon for fixing the horrible mistake Scifi channel made

  6. Brendan the type of guy to wear a mint neapolitan colored t-shirt with white shoes in California.

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