The Fighter and The Kid – Episode 358


  1. Yes callen it is coming from liberal leftists mouth. And it just so happens that black people tend to be leftists by a large majority. Therefore, yes it is coming from black leftists and white leftists alike.

  2. Brendan is a dumbfuck on his comments about Korea. "North Korea doesn't give Trump credit!". Well he'd have to admit to being a bitch….soooo yea. No duh he wouldn't. South Korean Prime Minister straight up gives Trump credit. lol

  3. That story about the mom telling her kid to "shut the fuck up" didn't happen, brendan… I know you do stand-up now and have a license to stretch the truth on stage but that's on STAGE.

  4. Brendan needs to set up a winetest for Bryan. I am positive that Callen would not know great wine from shit wine.

  5. Thax for the callan schedual break down…. really critical way to start it off… wasnt dullest intro at all

  6. Idk if Kevin is really a good person or as selfless as they make it seem. He didn't bring anyone from his early days in Philly up with him.

  7. "I used to read books on biker gangs and the Hell's Angels"

    Translation: "I saw a Netflix special once''

    *hey jk

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