Monday Morning Analyst: Kyoji Horiguchi, Pearl Gonzalez and Askar Askarov Shine in Weekend MMA

Over the weekend, Kyoji Horiguchi defeated Ian McCall at RIZIN 10, Pearl Gonzalez submitted Barbara Acioly at Invicta 29 and Askar Askarov at ACB 86 turned in a talented performance. In this episode of the podcast, we go over how they won and what made their victories impressive. This is the Monday Morning Analyst with Luke Thomas.


  1. I thought the stoppage was early. That being said I don't think mcall was gonna recover, I know Ian is probably pissed but honestly I'm just happy I didn't have to watch something much uglier

  2. That stoppage was way too early he should have been able to show he is a warrior Ian should have had at least 200 non answered strikes before the fight should have even been thought about being stopped

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