Monday Morning Analyst: Judging Stephen Thompson vs. Darren Till

At UFC Liverpool, Darren Till was awarded the unanimous decision victory over Stephen ‘Wonderboy’ Thompson. It was a controversial call, but was it the right one? In this episode of the podcast, we’ll explain why a scorecard for either fighter is justifiable, but only if the process by which it is obtained is done the right way. This is the Monday Morning Analyst with Luke Thomas.


  1. The wall analogy is terrible. Also, people are only pointing out the fact Till outstruck Wonderboy because numerous fighters claimed the opposite.

  2. Explain Nicolas Dalby vs Till then. it was just a year ago? meet Tills aggression with aggression from any top 5 and some top 10 welters and it a recipe for disaster for Till. He can't take real heat! Dalby proved that.

  3. Big Wonderboy fan, but at the end of the day — it's his own fault that he lost.
    This is MIXED Martial Arts. Being great at Kickboxing is good, and if you can win some fights that way, congrats.
    But at the end of the day you should be able to use Wrestling, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Judo, etc as well. If you ignore 5+ disciplines for 25 minutes and then lose, I can't defend you.

  4. You can't steal close close rounds in somebody's back yard, especially when your backing up and least of all in liverpool. It's just not how it works.

  5. You missed the big leg kick in round 4… after 25 seconds, huge bruise. WB had all his weight down also, it took more and the accumulation from the leg kicks in round 3 as well.

  6. Mate, if Till fights anyone else in this division in the top ten he is getting ko’d. Wonder it was tapping that chin all night. Not to mention Till came in over wth a huge advantage. Till should have dominated with this advantages. Even if you think Till won this you can’t make a case for him to be top five.

  7. Honestly ive heard you bring up stats before to use it for the exact argument you are saying is wrong now, youre losing your credibility by the days

  8. How can u say bringing up the statitistic that darren out struck wonderboy isnt much of an argument. I understand why jon jones hates you, you talk out of your ass!

  9. ar sorry I fell asleep due to your voice sending me to sleep due to you banging on and on and on and on besides everybody beat you to the analyst side negative or positive

  10. Idk why people are even debating what to do with the division right now because it seems very clear to me that you give Till the loser of RDA/Covington and then the winner of that gets the next shot at the belt. My prediction is RDA chokes out Covington and then gets knocked out by Tyron, Covington gets OBLITERATED by Till, and then Till catches Tyron in the 2nd or 3rd round with the straight left/overhand elbow and becomes the new champ. This is all dependent on Till making weight but I doubt he’ll have a similar emergency to attend to for the weight cut in both fights. I don’t see him trying to have another kid while he’s so close to fighting for the belt.

  11. It was a boring fight like Thompson's two for the championship.

  12. First 3 rounds were very uneventful… thompson might have edged out two round.. till pressured the last two rounds and got the knockdown.. till won 100%. Wonderboy did not pull the trigger

  13. determining the impact or damage of legal strikes.This means Hendrickx won against GSP.Even though on the scorecards ,it coudlve been even.

  14. I had it 2-2 going into the 5th with the knockdown sealing the deal for Till. In hindsight I’m not surprised with how the fight played out but I was really hoping for one of them to go off in the later rounds and get a knockout.

  15. Why did Wonderboy take the 5th round off? Till get the nod just for that.

  16. Wonder boy Landed More in Round 4 by watching the video. Not EVEN. You can't use aggressiveness or ring control because it was NOT even. Wonder boy clearly won Rd1, Rd 3 and Rd 4. 49-46 score IS RIDICULOUS!!!!!

  17. The real question: Is there even a chance that Till would of got that decision if this wasn't in England.

  18. The only reason they gave the fight to Till was because Liverpool had already got their ass kick on football and they wanted to avoid people going crazy at the arena. Wonder boy definitely won

  19. I know this isn't how fights are judged but as a FAN I'm glad that the fighter who was the aggressor and dealt the most damage won the fight, Wonderboy spent too long running away. That knockdown was by far the most impactful strike of the fight. Wonderboy never looked like he had the power to hurt Till nor did he seem willing to try

  20. Damage, or the threat of it, is why fights are stopped. Thus when a fighter has clearly dealt more damage to their opponent then they have won. When damage is equal then you look at significant strikes, defence, aggression

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