Monday Morning Analyst: Judging Stephen Thompson vs. Darren Till

At UFC Liverpool, Darren Till was awarded the unanimous decision victory over Stephen ‘Wonderboy’ Thompson. It was a controversial call, but was it the right one? In this episode of the podcast, we’ll explain why a scorecard for either fighter is justifiable, but only if the process by which it is obtained is done the right way. This is the Monday Morning Analyst with Luke Thomas.


  1. Damage, or the threat of it, is why fights are stopped. Thus when a fighter has clearly dealt more damage to their opponent then they have won. When damage is equal then you look at significant strikes, defence, aggression

  2. I know this isn't how fights are judged but as a FAN I'm glad that the fighter who was the aggressor and dealt the most damage won the fight, Wonderboy spent too long running away. That knockdown was by far the most impactful strike of the fight. Wonderboy never looked like he had the power to hurt Till nor did he seem willing to try

  3. The only reason they gave the fight to Till was because Liverpool had already got their ass kick on football and they wanted to avoid people going crazy at the arena. Wonder boy definitely won

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