JRE MMA Show #25 with Michael Chandler


  1. Replace the ufc cage with hockey glass, move the front row to the boards so fans can bang on glass throughout fight. Let's gooooooo!

  2. WTF?!? Delete this shit downer ass pod shit!!!! WTF?!? Nothing but garbage you put up now… taking that money and running now I see not giving a shit!

  3. It truly fucks me off that the yanks call it American football, football????
    You fuckers don't kick fuck all ???? Its Rugby with pads. Bottle cases!!! Id love to see any top "American football player" play a mans sport like rugby/rugby league or Auzzie rules none of them over sized bums couldn't even play water boy. Fucking yanks in their own deluded world!!!!! The entire world couldn't give a fuck about american football?????? Like Baseball "World series" ?????? What world series ?
    the world is America ???? the rest of the world could not give a fuck about your 6 hour games. Utterly boring.

  4. Joe u need to get Rory MacDonald back on the podcast, hes been through a lot since u had him on last and i think it would be really interesting

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