Joe Rogan Experience – Fight Companion – May 27, 2018


  1. The Liverpool judges are a complete and utter joke. That was a bad decision and they know it. Best case scenario for Till is a draw
    It was close fight but Wonderboy clearly out struck him and Till had a lot of punches that missed. Till was pushing it forward but he only had one significant knock down. Till isn't bad by any means but give me a break about this win.

  2. Thompson and Till fight could have went either way. I don't think either guy could complain if it went to the other. Good technical match, unfortunately it didn't produce crazy exchanges. Alot of respect for each other.

  3. That's it for me UFC going the same way as boxing. Can't trust reffs, can't trust judges, can't trust fighters not to cheat. I'm out. Fight companions will be it for me now. Back to Rugby they got honor.

  4. If you think Till won. You're a dumbass. I'm talking to you Joe, you Joe's big brown bitch and you flat earther.

  5. Im pretty pissed at YouTube for not giving me notifications when JRE has a live show. Bullshit!

  6. Happy that Till won the fight i did pick wonderboy to win but glad to be proven wrong . Till gave a good performance against someone who just Isn't there to hit. No doubt Till won a tactical fight ,Wonderboy didn't do enough to get his hand raised.

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  8. The fight was fake, it was on T.V you can't trust them is something Eddie would say if he wasn't a fighter lol. Hammer fists are fake, it's just a normal fist.

  9. i want that thrilla in manila tshirt that joe's wearing, any ideas on where i can get it?

  10. Daren Till threw more, landed more, messed up wonder-boys legs, was the aggressor the entire fight, got a knockdown and inflicted by far the most damage in the fight. I just don’t understand these people saying this fight should have been a draw or a win for wonderboy. Wonderboy needs to start throwing some god damn punches.

  11. It definitely wasn't 49-46 fight, but Till definitely won that fight. wonder if wonderboy will be more aggressive now. his approach is quite "point fighting" , i liked this fight it was like chess game but many of my friends didn't.

  12. If you say Till lost, and you are in the UK, they will arrest you and throw you in jail for 13 months without a trial.

  13. Fox was probably not happy when Joe outted them for painting over the blood stains in the canvas.

  14. Plenty of "bleepin" censorship in the "bleep" post "bleep" fight interview – Joe's not "bleepin" happy. He said the "C" word Joe! The "C" word!

  15. 2:39:11

    Lol, exploded his face and then choked him out? There's some more bullshit from Schaub!

    I have a friend like him, always making shit up to make it seem crazier than it was, so stupid…Could have told the truth (if he even saw the fight), and it was still badass, but he didn't explain it at all, lmao.

  16. Another HORRIBLE decision by (((CORRUPT))) judges! Thompson had more strikes and more significant strikes EVERY, SINGLE, ROUND! Thompson had the only takedown! Let me be clear to you fans, “drops” do NOT SCORE in MMA! They are only significant strike! So Thompson’s takedown scored more than Tills drop which won Thompson the round. Even IF you give Till the fifth maybe as a draw Till lost EVERY OTHER ROUND! We can NOT let this happen! They are destroying our sport! I will not buy another PPV until they overturn this corruption. Please everyone join. Tweet Dana. This cannot keep happening! Till cheated to miss weight on purpose. Then GAINED WEIGHT his second attempt!!! Then came in today SEVENTEEN pounds over! Over MW! At 1pm! Then the judges CHEAT! Every strike Till threw the judges scored it as a significant strike! Wtf! Only a handful landed and were “significant”. Thompson overwhelmingly won this fight!…

  17. Joe “ I jizzed myself in a dream but i didn’t have a wet dream “ Rogan

  18. The Till vs Thompson fight seemed a bit flat.

    – Eddie Bravo

  19. That scouse accent was fucking terrible, it sounded really bad Irish 🤣🤣🤣

  20. Till vs Wonderboy was super close…sorta like me having to pick between Bitcoin and DigiByte.

  21. i was watching the fight and thought "i wish i had a companion to watch this with"

    Fight companion popped into my head. Started streaming 2 hours ago… WOOOOOOOOOOOOO
    (i hit that bell so i'll get notifications from now on)

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