Joe Rogan Experience #1118 – Theo Von

Theo Von is a stand-up comedian, television personality, host, and actor. Check out his special on Netflix called “No Offense” & his podcast called “This Past Weekend” available on iTunes & YouTube.


  1. Mushroom Joe will talk a mother fucker into suicide over this single cell ameba shit

  2. A DEAF JACK RUSSEL LOL!!! WOOHOo! Been wondering when Theo was coming back. Great start to the podcast too.

  3. Joe, you really need to stfu about "chemtrails". It's not obvious when they always happen on hotter than average days and react differently than regular contrails. It's stratospheric aerosol injection and the gov't has a plan for just exactly that, with a video of John Brennan openly talking about doing it as an option to fight global warming, since aerosols do the opposite of heat-trapping gases and reflects light and heat from the atmosphere, but of course it's "crazy" and the idea of it is out there. lol Fucking idiot.

  4. Theo Vonn is THE man & Joe , you need to get onto some Spiritual Ascension VS Technological Ascension debates . You waaay too convinced by what scientists claim that they are sure about . Trust me, they don't all actually know what those big words mean themselves . The universe is mainly distortions . 1

  5. In the first 20 seconds Theo showed that southern politeness to let joe talk about his infinite bull haha ?

  6. “Wiggers” no that’s completely different that’s when a white person is trying to black ahaha

  7. To my peeps who listen to Joe "they join a cult, they start eating plants, and they start talking shit" Rogan– I'm a fan, but I'm left wondering about a few things:

    1. Does he run hills, and do you think he wears 5-toed shoes?
    2. What are chickens like?
    3. Does he know ANYthing about coyotes/wolves?
    4. What about elk/axis deer hunting?
    5. What are his feelings on pot and DMT?

    If either you or Joe could maybe cover these topics for me, that'd be a big help. Thanks.

  8. lol It kills me that people think aliens would have made it here by now. Like we're of course on their destination list or in their neighborhood. Or that we're existing in the same time frame. Time and space are way too vast to have that expectation.

  9. 0:53

    Theo Von: "…and you believe it?".

    Theo Von is way smarter than Rogan and the theoretical Lab coats he thinks are smarter than him.

  10. Joe really messed up the universe/infinite concept. Quantum physicists don't think in this universe there are infinite Earths with infinite Theo Vons, but that there are infinite parallel universes that have their own Theo Vons.

  11. Jesus Christ 1:25 in and they’re already on the “infinite universe” topic. Way to start off a podcast.

  12. Theo is one of the only guests beside Segura who makes Jamie laugh so hard u can hear it on their mics. Legend.

  13. Joe.. we are nowhere close to creating something smarter than us.. You have an incredibly overinflated sense of human accomplishment. We can't even cure cancer or even see all of the detail of a living cell..

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