Episode 77: The Steiners and Big Poppa Pump in the WWF

Rick and Scott Steiner formed arguably the greatest tag team in WCW history, and certainly have a place among the all time greats, but what is the story with their run with WWE? Learn about the plan to push Scott to the moon as a single star,

what kept Vince from getting on board, their quick ascent to the title, and the reasons for their short run in the WWF. Conrad and Bruce also cover the entire run of Big Poppa Pump in the WWE; including why he was an ideal adversary for Triple H at the time, why he didn’t sign when WCW was bought out, how he wanted to change the finish to the title match on the last Nitro, and much more! Also, a great discussion and insight on the process and influence of Jim Johnston, the recently released WWF/WWE music master, on this “Steinerized” version of Something to Wrestle with Bruce Prichard. Holler if you hear me!

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