Amanda Nunes Explains Why Past Opponents Retire, Change Divisions | Luke Thomas

UFC bantamweight champion Amanda Nunes will face Raquel Pennington at UFC 224. In this interview to promote that fight, Nunes discusses her immigration to America, Pennington’s strengths and weaknesses, why so many of her opponents (Ronda Rousey, Miesha Tate, Shayna Baszler) either have left MMA or the weight class and more.

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  1. Hi Luke, I have always wanted to tell you I think you are brilliant at what you do, so thank you for all the great content you put out, keep it up and all the best to you Luke. From Darron in Aldershot, England.

  2. Like dresses like a 16-year-old whose mom dropped him off at the mall to go shopping by himself.

  3. Are they in the same room?? Maybe I asking a dumb question.

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