The Fighter and The Kid – Episode 348


  1. I have to agree with Bryan. It is very short-sighted of Max Holloway and his team to take that fight at such short notice. But with that said I still have respect for Max for having the balls to do it.

  2. Khabib wins and fights Conor at 155 in Russia. Insane press tour, loads of cash.

  3. Schaub, you my favorite bro. Don't fuck with jesus. Just leave it alone before I drop the piece, get that nice dick suck.

  4. Brendan we get it you're in love with comedy and you're trying to play catch up by studying all the greats, stop spewing info on the podcast. Keep hw at home.

  5. This is the 5th time the fight got cancelled, god what an imbecile…

  6. Max got some big money from Dana if he's going against Khabib on such a short notice.

  7. I literally thought Brendan was quoting Dana about the short notice thing because he repeated it verbatim and then at the end through in some stuff to "in his mind" throw off the scent " fuck happened to this guy? He is a pathological lose and joke thief to boot. I only listen to hear the next bit of bullshit from him

  8. When Brian gazed into camera I burst out laughing and woke up everyone else in my house. Feel the gaze.

  9. LOL what complete fucking morons, they dont know if YOEL fucking Romero could beat Khabib? are you fucking retarded, anyone who watches this show deserves to lose braincells

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