The Church Of What’s Happening Now: #579 – Nic Gregoriades


  1. Please have fewer MMA meatheads/BJJ guys on. Nothing is less interesting.

  2. I have a weird suspicion that Joey has never really got deep into the hole with mushrooms. It’s 7 grams or go fuck your mother.

  3. Please visit Australia Joey. Bring some edibles. Tell the Customs dudes that they are biscuits…for Gorillas like me. Love Ya!

  4. Jesus joey let your guests do more talking man! I love ya cocksucka but stop going on about your life so much and let us get to know the fuckin guest!

  5. joey not recruiting coveted guests hurts the podcast. i know he doesnt like to "bug" people but we need more jim norton, bobby lee, rogan, burr, stanhope etc

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