Steroids in MMA – Coach Zahabi


  1. i disagree on canabis use
    becuase even if it does kill the nervs nobody would take it in the day of the fight i mean think about it nobody would fight high
    so what does it matter of someone smoked some weed 2 weeks before the fight to relax but roght before the fight he had the same nervs
    its just like having a cheat meal or taking a fay off or doing something fun
    if thats cheating then having a hot tob is cheating

    whats your opnion on that ??
    much respect to you

  2. Why don't you provide the links coach?
    It would be much more effective for getting leads for the sponsors and I hope you can get a cut from the leads too.

  3. Cannabis lowers Test levels and other androgens in healthy males when smoked regularly.. This is a med link, not some blog..Also, pot makes a lot of people paranoid. So i would disagree that it can help lower nerves.

    Im sure for its so some but i dont think its the same for everyone.

  4. Firas i think most people would be a lot more nervous if they smoked prior to a fight…cannabis effects everyone differently not everyone is like the diaz bro's … moreover I've never heard anyone say that they feel less pain under the influence of cannabis.

  5. Hgh can't really be tested?Evander Holyfield was thought to be using this to be a heavyweight.I agree recovery is the most important.

  6. Do you think people suffering from mental illness and addiction can recover from those disorders, naturally, through mma, regardless of age…sorry for my grammar.

  7. "it helps kill the nerves" ladies and gentlemen. This is a classic case of a guy with no medical background (although knowledgeable in areas of his own specialtise without a doubt), making statements about medical topics.

  8. Hello Zahabi! Are you eating a plantbased diet, i think i've seen some video about it?
    Why do you think there's not more fighters on a plantbased diet? Misinformation? Most nutritionists are bias?
    What's your favorite top 3 greens / fruits?

  9. To be fair, all these USADA like agencies can be corrupted just like some Olympic testing agencies have been in the past. USADA knew about Brock before Mark hunt fight, lets be clear everyone.

  10. I think for science, it would be interesting to seperate the sports into two – have natural and have the p.e.d olympics, mma etc. You have to get them to sign a few more forms perhaps but I want to see how crazy we can get. Of course some folks are going to try and get the edge on the non users by competing in the natural one, but that the situation right now anyways. If some folks want to compete on ped's, i say we let them, give them a platform for it. Where do we draw the line in these crazy times? Some people have entire joints and muscle groups reconstructed, are you allowed to fight with a titanium hip or no teeth etc? The idea of totally natural is a tricky one to make universal rules for.

  11. Hey i just wanted to add that for some people cannabis DOES NOT calm the nerves. It makes them worse. I've tried using cannabis before training and it rarely helped at all. I never use it before training now. I use it after. Works great.

  12. Sure steroids aren't fair. But you know what else isn't fair? NATURE! GENETICS! Think about it.

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