Roman Reigns – Brock Build, Being “Vince’s Guy,” Saudi Arabia, Steroid Accustions, etc- Sam Roberts


  1. I am starting to like Roman, it's just annoying that he doesn't have many moves or even try out new ones just to be a bit more entertaining.

  2. I bet he sucked vince mcmahon cook after the interview

  3. I have nothing against Roman Reigns as a human being outside WWE but as a professional wrester he just doesn't cut for me. I hate it that he has the entire WWE machine behind him where there are tens of others who also deserve the same treatment. Also I have to say this. My cat sleeping has more charisma than Reigns.

  4. Roman Reigns is the greatest wrestler of all time and deserves to be Universal Champion.

  5. I've really grown to respect him. He's been put in an extremely difficult position. I honestly get frustrated that Vince keeps doing this to him. Especially after this recent Mania, so many politics. He seems to handle everything very well, all things considered. There has to be a way to fix this. Will they ever figure it out?

  6. If Hulk Hogan started in this Era he would be booed like Roman

  7. The whole push of Roman Reigns has been a giant L for Vince ! Roman is trash no charisma weak mic skills subpar wrestler only there for his look and size and being fake related tot he rock. I dont watch Indy wrestling BTW in case some idiot calls me a hater or so called smark. I just know what i see when i see roman and its just nothing special.

  8. Sam quit double posting these interviews. This is clearly not a Sam Roberts wrestling podcast. This shit is weeks old already

  9. Finn Balor, first ever universal champion, didnt get a rematch ( even though he never even lost it ), KO , didnt get a rematch, goldberg, didnt get a rematch and now the golden boy gets a rematch even though he is hated by most of the wrestling fans and put on three lame excuses for "matches" in a row ( in the main events no less ) Thanks Vince :D?

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