Nick Aldis & Austin Idol- Not Going to WWE, Billy Corgan, Cashing Battle Royal Check – Sam Roberts

Sam Roberts talks to Nick Aldis and Austin Idol, on Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast, about the resurgence of the NWA, Nick leaving TNA, not going to WWE, Austin Idol’s battle royal check, Billy Corgan, and more.


  1. The original NWA has been dead for a couple of decades at least but hopefully this new NWA is the rebirth of a great Pro Wrestling conglomerate.

  2. I saw Austin Idol vs Eddie Gilbert in the real birth of the ECW (then TWA) first hardcore match in the basement of the old Philadelphia Convention Hall. More time out of ring than in, out in the hallway, in a trash can. Magnificent, will always love Austin Idol. Best of luck to the new NWA.

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