Max Holloway’s insane challenge before Khabib Nurmagomedov fight | ANIK AND FLORIAN PODCAST


  1. If Khabib misses weight then what will they be fighting for?

  2. Better for Max Khabib will just beat him not smash him nd he gets the experience

  3. People underestimate Holloway. Look at his win streak then look at Khabibs ufc wins. 4-5 good opponents vs 10+. They are both young and Holloway has better striking. Khabib slightly on the ground advantage. This card isn’t dead.

  4. Skills wise, i truly believe max can beat him.. my only worry is the weight cut

  5. This will be very similar to the michael johnson fight..max will catch him in the 1st or 2nd rd and everyone will gasp but then khabib will just become tooo much and drag max dowm and pin him and just g&p. With a full camp of max working with bigger wrestlers would make it a closer fight but regardless khabib is just wayy too much.. the only way khabib will be beat is by someone who can KO him with tht one two punch (which is unlikely) or someone who is just as strong and can deal with the wrestling. I can see khabib going up to 170 to fight woodley and tht maybe the only guy at 155 or 170 tht can beat him. By either tht flash overhand right or just by neutralizing the grappling. The way khabib fights it maybe smarter to try and take him down, get him on his back and do what he does to others and keep him down bcuz other wise he will just smother you and drain your tank. While I think he is a complete beast we really havent seen him go up against a top notch grappler (dos anjos wasnt where he is now grappling wise). Although I do think glacion thibeau did beat him. It would of been interesting to ser how tony would have done, especially from his back with those elbows. But sadly it looks like tht will never go down…

  6. What's with all the dislikes, Tyler Minton is a cool dude. Who cares about clickbait, still good content.

  7. Even with a 6 day notice I believe In My Heart Max the blessed is going to win this fight and that is exactly where my money is going

  8. And this is where the 12 fight win streak stops, but Holloway doesn't have too much to lose really

  9. Dude actually sounds like he knows what he’s talking about. Max appears to have a solid nutritionist.

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