Kevin Lee’s keys to victory against Edson Barboza

UFC Fight Night in Atlantic City, New Jersey features top lightweights Edson Barboza and Kevin Lee for the main event. Chael Sonnen talks Kevin Lee’s strengths and what he needs to do to beat Edson Barboza.


  1. Yo Chael can you get sum1 else that looks more professional then this joke for future videos, thx

  2. Same title uploaded 7mins after with same looking thumbnail…was one not supposed to be posted?

  3. for the sake of takedowns barbosa has added flying knees to his arsenal he caught beneil dariush with one , so Kevin is always in the danger of getting caught by one coming in for a takedown, he must set it up right and fast, maybe use some of khabib skills by being very very close before shooting a takdown

  4. He's going to use pressure against Barboza which he doesn't like and basically wrestle with a striker and everybody is going to act surprised just like in Khabib's case, oh it's mma, I almost forgot

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