JRE MMA Show #22 with Bas Rutten


  1. Who will step up and be our Timestamp hero today? ?️‍♀️

  2. Joe is completely delusional with his fanboysm for Conor. Just because Conor could eventually hold Floyd it means he would get destroyed??
    Also he acts like Conor is this insanely strong guy. Dude, he’s got tko’d by a boxer with no ko power whatsoever. The last time Floyd KOd someone was more than 10 years ago

  3. Quit fuckin lookin/talkin/acknowledgin Jamie!!! Fuck Jamie, all he does is find shit when they talk. Rogan looks and acknowledges Jamie way too much and it's fuckin annoying.

  4. Joe, come on, get your shit right. Adult Stem cells were not barred from federal funding under the Bush admin. It was only prenatal stem cells, and like you said, adult stem cells were actually found to be the effective type.

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