How big is Max Holloway?

Max Holloway steps in to replace an injured Tony Ferguson against Khabib Nurmagomedov. But the 145 pound UFC Champion requested the fight at 170-pounds. Just how big is Max?


  1. When you're given an opportunity you say 3 words " it is what it is".

  2. Holloway looked huge a week ago! Like 190lbs it looked!? Holloway is tall, I'd say he is what 5ft11 or 6ft? ! ! I think max could be 205lbs class if he wanted. I'd say fighting 170lbs or 185lb is perfect because of the height.

  3. If max has to lose nearly 30 pounds to make weight in 5 days……he’s done. Hasn’t been training, coming off injury, it’s crazy but hats off to him having a go. Health wise….it’s dangerous & I fully expect it to be catch weight.

  4. The Wire vs Tiramisu vs Chicken Whopper Burger for the Undisputed Title in a triple threat.

  5. I think max will put a great show in probably better than ferguson but khabib is a beast always in your faxe

  6. on paper khabib should win

    but max dont count him out , he doesn't look anything special .
    but hes breezed through top fighters

  7. Max is savage level 9000. Zero fucks given about the 155 belt. He just wants to test himself against the best. Love Max, but I hope Khabib doesn't shorten Max career. I bet $50 on Max though… the odds were too good to pass up. If I lose I switch to cheap beer for a couple weeks. No biggie.

  8. Max has had conditioning issues, look at the McGregor fight he slowed down drastically.
    But that was early on in his path. I'm 99% sure khabib will maul this guy even MCGREGGOR out wrestled him, so unless he improved his ground game drastically it doesn't look good. but it's MMA, crazy shit happens all the time and max is game as fuck so you can't rule him out completely. Would be amazing if he pulled this off though or even does some great damage

  9. Chael, could you please talk about Max's ground game, because we all know Khabib game, so I'm wondering what prospects Max has in this fight.

  10. Don't underestimate the calories in that Hawaiian roasted porc

  11. I found Max looking quite chubby in the face on any news video the past few months he appeared in, so my guess is he is not going to be ripped at 155. Probably going to be a hard cut without having the muscle 155-ers have.

  12. Mr. Chael Sonnen you gotta talk about this exciting fight a lot more than you do.

  13. Max was injured. Chael sonnen should do his research. He calls himself an expert in mma.

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