Dustin Poirier vs Justin Gaethje…here’s what happened.

Dustin Poirier engaged a relentless Justin Gaethje in a classic four round battle and rallied to score a brutal stoppage win in Saturday’s UFC main event at UFC on Fox in Glendale, Arizona. Chael Sonnen breaks down the fight on this episode of Beyond the Fight.


  1. Gaethje utilized the rear leg kick, not the lead leg kick. But since the stances were open, he caught Poirier on the inside of his lead leg.

  2. Chael love the video. Keep up the good work. Ik that with these types of videos you will get more subscribers. ????

  3. enough with the extra analysis. Justin did good. The timeout in between helped his opponent a lot. Justin has a good chin . luck triumphed …end of story.

  4. The eye pokes almost ruined the fight, they're huge momentum killers. UFC FIX YOUR GLOVES.

  5. Justin got sloppy; he lowered his guard (and Dustin caught him with a nice punch; Justin refused to be a wrestler).

    Sakuraba was an all time great.

  6. I hope Justin keeps fighting like a warrior and that his brain is protected by the fighting gods to do so.

  7. Sakuraba = King of Japan……Bisping does the same thing combo – followed by a low leg kick

  8. Poirier benefited more from the rest after that 2nd eye poke, it won him the fight

  9. Justin should take 6 months off and work with his defence, maybe use more angles and not be so stationary, it was a good fight

  10. actually if you look closely … when Justin gaethje feels the opportunity to strike he throws wide looping punches and yes he does do leg kicks a lot but one missed opportunity for gaethje is when he had Dustin up the cage in clinch Justin wouldn't throw a lot of upper cuts and knees so he basically backed up which was a missed opportunity for gaethje

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