Does a 5 round fight favor Dustin Poirier or Justin Gaethje?


  1. You KNOW Chael has something important to say when he's making them LYFT rides.

  2. Imagine you order an Uber in Portland and Chael comes and picks you up and he makes you hold the camera for him as he talks about fighting.

  3. Intresting fight. Dustin has come a long way since moving up to 155. But i think Justin is just a higher level of an oppenent for Dustin. And Poirier arguably did better than Gaethje did against Alvarez. I'm split on who to chose but i'm edging towards Gaethje.

  4. Gaethje all the way, pedal to the floor, biggest heart in the division ??

  5. Low key chael is late for his Uber passenger hence why he's unusually driving so fast ..

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