Chael talks Joe Rogan’s commentary of Khabib’s performance


  1. cant stand these fighters talking how khabib did so well, he COULDNT FINISH THE NUMBER 11 GUY WHO TOOK THE FIGHT WITH TOTALLY DIF STYLE OPPONENT , without fans you have no sport….khabib did ok in the fight, he should have finished the number 11 guy that took the fight on hours notice when khabib fights the same for every opponent….i have to stop watch this crap….makes me sick

  2. I'd like to see Tony and Connor get past I'aquinta, than everyone can make disparaging comments on Khabib.

  3. Khabib just looks stiff on the feet. His ground game is so otherworldly that it's easy to forget he is human. Rarely is a fighter beyond exceptional at every aspect of mixed martial arts though.

  4. Hyping up holes in Khabib's stand up is essentially hyping up Conor/Khabib fight.

  5. Khalabib shouldve been able to smersh Al. It didnt happen. That is all good day sir

  6. I do think Al will not fight like that again because he actually had nothing to lose, and if a person has nothing to lose they fight harder, but ya Al deserves respect.

  7. Absolutely nobody wonders how will he do against Kevin Lee, yet he continues to talk trash about Khabib

  8. The problem wasn't that Rogan was criticising Khabib…it was the fact that in rounds 3 and 4, where Khabib was owning iaquinta in the stand up, that Rogan wasn't saying anything positive about khabib's punches/jab…remaining silent while he was screaming when Iaquinta threw a punch.

  9. Spoken like a true BORING ASS wrestler and ppl wonder why the UFC has the worst ratings and ppv sells in there history

  10. Khabib performance was fine, but no more than that, it wasn't impressive and it wasn't electrifying like Conor beating Eddie

  11. Khabib didn't expose himself because everyone already knows his game is not on the feet. This won't change anyone's gameolan against him

  12. joes just a typical white Christian, period. Khabib thanks "Alla" at the weigh ins who is basically the muslim version of god, and so joe HAS to throw shade on him the next fight. This is why I hate all forms of religion, if one of these nut cases cultist starts talking bout god/allah the other one has to destroy them for their god LOL

  13. Thank you for pointing to the fact Conor keeps his chin up

  14. Tony's performance against Kevin Lee was terrible! But he calls Khabib's performance bad when he won by 50-43. CRAZY! In addition to this, both Conor and Tony leave their chin up too.

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