Chael Sonnen talks Ricky Simon’s controversial choke against Merab Dvalishvili

UFC Atlantic City’s match between Ricky Simon and Merab Dvalishvili ended in the latest stoppage in UFC history. Ricky Simon overcame adversity to submit Merab Dvalishvili at the buzzer with a mounted guillotine choke. Chael Sonnen gives his thoughts on his You’re Welcome podcast.


  1. Thank you for not being biased towards your teammate

  2. He knocked himself out on impact of the takedown, so he just continued to move until he could gain his mental status back is what I believe happened

  3. Btw, the doctor revealed that the first thing he said was "what happened ?",then when told, he attempted to get up. It's the right thing to do btw, if the doctors think you're out, to keep you in that position instead of you attempting to running around.

  4. If Conor gets stopped in 10 for worry of brain damage, then the ref in this situation should be noticing the dire situation and call the fight. It is no different. Some refs, mostly all of them do not have the balls to make that call. Especially this day in age, where, we are getting new refs everyday who do not know what the fuck they are doing. Its kinda unprofessional by promoters to allow bad inexperienced and no balls referees to determine whether a guy is in danger of possible losing his life. Like last UFC event. They had some new guy I never seen, and he fucked up every single fight. Most of the mistakes go unseen by average viewers, but what I saw was a ref failing to protect downed fighters who were out. That's a major issue. When the most basic things are not being taught to this guys. Like be within a distance to the fighters that you can step in. The fight I'm talking of, the ref was 20 feet away? Guy got knocked out, then takes 5 punches for what? Cause the ref doesn't know what the fuck hes doing.

  5. Chael you say anything ,which is your charm. You , joe wrestler ,thought he was out ? Find that hard to believe .Out is out , there is no in between. Like a soul leaving a body part time.

  6. You could make an argument for stopping the fight, but since they let it go to the bell they should've given him the L by decision.

  7. I heard the bell go off and thought it was going to go to decision in Merab's favor. Never heard of a technical submission.. Thanks for the knowledge Chael.

  8. I think the right call was made but I was there the and the pace of that fight was amazing but he was out when he slammed his head on the mat from the take down that's why he was put in the choke he woke up in the choke and then was put back to sleep but was fighting like a zombie warrior from god of war 3 .

  9. So right. Just straight up weird from a medical standpoint. Clearly out of it when the bell ended but i thought he was dying.

  10. Don't you have to be intelligently defending yourself at all times? I would have stopped it 20 seconds earlier because he wasn't defending from a neck crank/choke, which is threatening the neck.


  12. Fight's are often stopped by tko when a guy is completely conscious and simply not INTELLIGENTLY defending himself. Kicking his legs while his arms are laying limp does not count as intelligent defense. He clearly went out on the takedown and came to once his unconscious body was swept into a mounted guillotine. Once there his arms are limp and his legs are kicking involuntarily (much like when Holly Holm punched when Meisha choked her unconscious). The arguments here really make me question the MMA community as it seems to be split with idiots out there questioning/arguing people like John McCarthy and Goddard that he was in fact "conscious." The kicking was a primal movement that his body instinctually did to get out of danger and he kept doing it for a good 2 seconds after the fight ended before he SEMI came to. He couldn't even stand up at the end of the fight and had to be laid down so he wouldn't just crumble paralyzed… He could have seriously died or became a vegetable in there if that fight went longer as he wasn't fighting the choke. Shame on the referee for not stopping the fight as soon as he stopped INTELLIGENTLY defending himself and shame on the fighter for not recognizing a lack of consciousness when there was ZERO resistance against the choke.

  13. I was there and it was scary bc I didn't know if the kicks were convulsions :-/

  14. If this didn't happen at the end of the last round I think the stoppage would be a bit easier to understand. I don't think that it matters that there wasn't another round. If at the end of any round a fighter can't get up, expect the fight to be called.

  15. Merab was out from the takedown, regained consciousness and got choked out. His body was twitching but he was out. I still think he deserved to win because the fight was not stopped but he was 100% out.

  16. I'm guessing he wasn't hand fighting because it's easier to put your chin to your neck and tense up your neck if you hold your hands out and squeeze. So he was simply defending another way I think than what is traditionally done.

  17. Dvalishvili looked pure WWE when his legs were going like that! Then you wonder why people think MMA is fake.

  18. His legs never stopped kicking. I don't see why this is even up for debate. If he ever went unconcious at any point his legs would have gone limp.

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