Chael Sonnen speculates on what motivated Conor McGregor to attack a bus…


  1. you're saying he never intended to hurt anyone or smash the windows
    but he literally ordered his friends to "smash the glass" if you watch the videos
    but yeah, it's all marketing since all publicity is good publicity

  2. Your estimate of what Conor McGregor wanted makes sense.

    This still leaves Conor McGregor fully guilty — him and his twenty or so thugs, who do not seem to have been charged for their little riot.

  3. Someone forgot to stop him from throwing the cart and he had to follow through with it. (not defending his actions in the least)

  4. Conor's joining Rhonda in Wrestling and this was part of the contract with Vince!

  5. Conor took Floyd playbook but Floyd is a billionaire and doesn’t have a boss. Conor is tryin to be the bad guy like floyd use to be in his early years .

  6. It was calculated but Conor was drinking on the plane ride over, it's very obvious. Upon entering the Arena, he was drunk as fuck. He wasn't sober throwing that dolly lol.

  7. I don't think smashing the glass was part of the plan. But this was 100% staged. The only way to get into that underground floor where the busses were, you needed access to a vehicle elevator which is the only access point to the garage. On top of that Bisping said the UFC told him Conor was going to be there. Conor's going to fight Khabib and they have plenty of video content for advertising already.

  8. Chael is making excuses for someone who was out of control. Here's the real problem with Conor: He has CTE. He cannot control his impulses, like Arron Hernandez. Hernandez was convicted of murder, but Chael would say, well, he had CTE and he was troubled over being gay, and yadda, yadda. Almost everyone commits crimes because they are at some level troubled. That is not a defense and why we should look away and let these crimes go. Conor's bizarre, violent behavior, including his meltdown on stage during the boxing promos with Floyd when Conor went racist against black women, shows someone with lack of impulse control. Conor combines that many time with violence. You heard it here first: Conor has CTE.

  9. Conor isn't dumb, when you hear him scream break the windows he knew what happens when glass breaks. He didn't care about the people on the bus.

  10. Long long VERY long story short… Conor will most likely end up paying out around 5-10 million in suits and eventually get back in the octagon

  11. Chael, so glad I found your channel, used to have to watch 4-5 channels just to get the average everyday stories without a ton of opinion. Thank you. Love the vids

  12. I would go as far to say Dana and Conor planned the whole thing and Conor just did a few to many lines first and took it a little to far, cause if the window didnt smash it woulda been a fucking great publicity oppurtunity, and it still has i would say..noone is going to give a shit in 2 weeks

  13. Didn't Bisping just say the UFC told him that Conor was going to be there. Dana said in press conference no plan for Conor to be there & Bisping said today the UFC knew all along he was coming???

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