Chael Sonnen speculates on what motivated Conor McGregor to attack a bus…


  1. Didn't Bisping just say the UFC told him that Conor was going to be there. Dana said in press conference no plan for Conor to be there & Bisping said today the UFC knew all along he was coming???

  2. I would go as far to say Dana and Conor planned the whole thing and Conor just did a few to many lines first and took it a little to far, cause if the window didnt smash it woulda been a fucking great publicity oppurtunity, and it still has i would say..noone is going to give a shit in 2 weeks

  3. Chael, so glad I found your channel, used to have to watch 4-5 channels just to get the average everyday stories without a ton of opinion. Thank you. Love the vids

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