Tyron Woodley training Floyd Mayweather for the UFC?


  1. Because Tyron can train his hands at TMT and use the UFC facility in Vegas. Plus he can continue his shoulder rehab there

  2. Damn there a billionaire and doing shit like this to stay “relevant”. Fame is a helluva drug.

  3. If Floyd was 30, he'd learn a basic ground game. At 40, he doesn't have the time. If he trained MMA for one year then fought Conner in the cage?! …it wouldn't go so well for Floyd..

  4. Floyd is a dirt bag,but he ain't stupid! Not gonna get in the octagon to get the balls beat off him. BUT, God I pray he does. That'll be a great thirty seconds of entertainment.

  5. Tyron is willing to help Floyd for the same reason that he is on TMZ. He wants to be famous. Hes a hoe.

  6. Godspeed Mr. Gangster is back in the car for Uber !! Chael P. the Uber Gangster!

  7. The only way it could be done is if he fought another striker with little to no ground game. The problem with that is I can't see the UFC giving him the $$$ he wants to fight an amateur nobody. Even if he spent a year (Time he doesn't have) learning basic leg kicks and how to check them with some basic wrestling and takedown defense anyone with legit Wrestling/Grappling will just rag doll him..and then murder him on the ground lol

  8. I think the ONE big thing everyone is overlooking is "What does Floyd have to lose!". I actually think Floyd learned a lot from his encounter with Conor and seen even in losing you win. Conor has mastered this element and Floyd may bite on it. So he goes up against CM Punk or whoever they throw at him……hes walking away with $200-300 Million! And he's still 50-0 in boxing. There's STILL a fight at boxing to make another $100-300 million. I think Conor really showed him something. Let's not even ignore a potential Macgregor Mayweather 2

  9. Randy was 34 before he started to train for MMA but is a lifetime wrestler and boxed in the army. A wrestler can transition over and hide behind his wrestling as they developed their striking. A lifetime boxer with no grappling experience can't just rely on striking while they develope a ground game.

  10. Floyd was born in Vegas ? for some reason I thought he was born in Grand Rapids Michigan

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