1. People were hating on me because I said Cody is a bigger draw than TJ and TJ pretty much admitted to it

  2. man i hate that DJ isn't accepting this fight still. i understand he wants more money and i agree that he deserves it, but sadly the casual fan just sees him ducking a fight and it will tarnish his legacy if he never fights TJ.

  3. The 2016 most anticipated fight was Dillashaw vs. Cruz. 2017 most anticipated fight was Garbrandt vs. Dillashaw. 2018's most anticipated fight is arguably Johnson vs Dillashaw. Ferguson vs. Nurmagomedov is right up there too.

  4. Looking at the down vote numbers and trying to remember how many members of team Alpha Male there are. Killashaw

  5. cant stand this guy good fighter yes great no garbrandt wins next time dj everytime no draw here i would not pay to see him fight

  6. Demetrius Johnson wants $2,000,000.00 to fight Dillashaw. That's too much money. Maybe $750.000.00 is ok, but $2,000,000.00! Nah, it's just too much.
    Give the rematch to Cody instead.

  7. I think the "DJ" and "TJ" fight would be a war. I would put it in the top 4 fights I want to see right now. The "Khabib vs. Ferguson", the "Holloway vs. Ortega" and the "Stipe vs. Cormier" fights are the other fights that I am excited about. I don't get why fans aren't as interested in the smaller weight classes. They are faster and action packed. "DJ vs. TJ" would be spectacular in my opinion.

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