The MMA Beat: Episode 186

On this week’s show, the panel will discuss expectations for UFC 223, Ronda Rousey’s ongoing issues with media coverage of her, Josh Barnett’s exoneration from USADA charges, time away from MMA and more.


  1. Why do they keep ruining the show with Danny on it? I wish they had gone 3 deep. There isnt enough time to have Jeff and Danny there sharing nonsense. Danny is a lot worse than Jeff is though.

  2. Ferguson won the interm belt against Kevin Lee and now he is defending the interm belt against khabib which makes zero sense while conor McGregor is chilling in Ireland with zero injury.

  3. Luke Thomas hosting or being a part of the MMA Beat cast doesn't bother me. In fact, he is one of my favorites.
    Also, MMA Fighting's website coverage of Ronda Rousey doesn't bother me. If I don't want to view it, I simply don't click on the article.
    But hey, that's just me…

    #Fuckgroupthink #Immyownman

  4. Agreed. The more Ronda gets agitated and refuses to address her UFC departure, the more likely those Q will continue & continue.

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