The Fighter and The Kid – Episode 347


  1. Brendan, you should probably stop referring to fatal car crashes as "cracking a few eggs for an omelet". I don't think many people find that funny, but hey I'm not the "professional Comedian"

  2. 7:24 The look on Schaub's face is fuckin' priceless. At about 7:30 it starts to sink in and his next response is a passive aggressive "Good for you." after Bryan mentioned getting punched in the head.

    The best part is Bryan doesn't even seem to realize what he just said. Hah-ha.

  3. Disagree about Bryan’s point of view of gun ownership.. he says the government might have way better technology and weaponry then civilians, BUT look at the third world countries who have have their guns taken from them! They now fight tyranny against the government with rocks and sticks! I don’t care what the sheep point or view is.. I’d rather have AR15’s and AK’s in the hands of the free people then rocks and sticks! Open your eyes sheeple!

  4. Why no UFC talk?…..only reason I used to watch this ….old story ..rise fast fall fast…we'll see.

  5. "Semi pro hockey doesn't count" buddy does more than brenden did in the NFL and he still manages to talk down about him ? Holy fuck what else is new with Shaub . Forgot how he's mad sick at everything he does and no one else is good at anything other than whoever is on his show at the time

  6. Surely Brendan pretends to be this much of a cretin, it's the only plausible explanation

  7. It’s starting to get hard to watch this with how dumb and condescending and stuck up brendan is. He still won’t let Bryan or the guests speak. Constantly buttjng in, always thinks he’s right about everything and now he’s so full of himself. Ps…. his other show is absolute trash too. Pps. It’s annoying that now that he has that show he acts like he doesn’t wanna talk about fighting on this one… oh and for someone that constantly says he hatesssss talking about fighting since he was a fighter, his showtime show completely contradicts that . Fucking dummy

  8. Do these idiots realise that Derren Brown the creator of the show Push is a professional magician.

  9. I can't believe Brendan defended some one making money of mental ill people. Money has changed him

  10. Callen inadvertently reveals what he thinks about Brendan's career path – start listening from 7:08 ; by 7:30, payload is deployed and flies over everyone's heads

  11. Every episode I am able to Google what's being spoken about and get halfway through the article before Chin has even Googled the right thing.

  12. Anyone have new FATK vids stop showing up in their recommended vid section?

  13. Literally every time Callen says anything, Brendan shuts it down and forces the conversation onto another topic. Greeeeat dynamic brosef….

  14. Ryan seacrest is the biggest fucking bitch. he made the KarTrashians and instantly dumbed down everyone. fffffuck that guy

  15. Hey!!! The government CANT bomb its own land!!! Y’all pretty much just said drones would kill everyone and the government already has superiority! So you made the point of why Americans NEED guns! You pretty much said that Citizens NEED more advanced weapons!!! I love and respect y’all, but stay in your lane.

  16. For sure don’t cut Brian off mid sentence Brendan,it’s not all about you comedy big shot

  17. Never seen someone deflect so hard as when brendan said royals royce and bryan hit him up about it so he straight away went back to the one love thing

  18. The kids aren't marching for 'total of gun deaths' including suicide or gang killings, it's pretty clear they're marching about the school shootings

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