The Fighter and The Kid – Episode 346: Aubrey Marcus

Aubrey Marcus joins Brendan and Bryan in studio for Episode 346 of The Fighter and The Kid. They discuss Aubrey’s new book, keto tips, when to eat carbs, flat earth rocket guy, and much more!


  1. Pfffffft really????
    If any of you little millineal fruity wannabes think this cunt isnt juiced to the gills….
    Bahahaha yeah bros buy their “amazing magic powder” and you can be big and vascular like him,and joe
    I mean,,,pfffffffftttttfffarrkkk
    These cunts are wankers
    Get into it boys
    Whey,and PROTEIN and pushups….bahahaha

  2. Brendan thinks constantly berating Bryan about his psoriasis and teeth is like a comedy bit with Rogan and his friends busting eachothers balls. Only Schaub has no concept of comedy, so it just comes off as mean spirited. How would he react if Bryan constantly made fun of him for his mispronunciations?

  3. Why does Callen and the guests never correct Schaub when he says "end all, be all" so awkward.

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