The Fighter and The Kid – Episode 343


  1. Thank you for talking about PTSD Bryan and fuck you Brendan you shit on everything this dude has to say now man i cant stand you anymore like what the fuck man

  2. The irony is that those building WERE built to handle plane crashes.

  3. 1.14 the biggest dumb comment ever, she's crying chin she doesn't want anyone to notice, crying?
    wtf Brendan im sure its not cause shes crying, he physically assaulted her whether she cries or not will not help him,

  4. You know how u guys alway talked about what ever u had going on this podcast was you number one ??that lasted about a week ??????

  5. Next week's current events. "FBI unearth underground Karaoke brothel in Korea town. Also Chin gone missing"

  6. We have big brown breakdown. When are we gonna get "high'n and flyin with Bryan ". So we can actually hear him talk without being interrupted!

  7. Fuck Ben afflack sucks, these dudes suckin dick hoping that shit actor will hire em LOL

  8. Watching this makes me realize how much of a douchebag Brendan is. It's obvious he grew up a spoiled shit. Hope this show blows.

  9. Dude, priority is not on TFATK. The "weekly podcast" is two days in a row then nothing for another week. Guess shaubs new "brilliant" shows getting the attention maybe?

  10. Can we please not have two grown men with no ability try to sing for 10 minutes next podcast? Thanks…

  11. Brian's gay prison pen pal story HAS TO be an animated short! HAS TO!!!

  12. Schuab "I don't like uppers" …. while hes holding his fifth coffee of the day

  13. no matter what topic it is, schaub always ends it with sucking dick or something in that's like when you are hungry, you talk about food

  14. Why does Schaub mispronounce EVERYONES name?… also, can we call the show The Contrarian and The Kid? It's more accurate.

  15. It's funny how Bryan is so white, yet reminds everybody he is of Spanish/Iberian descent lol. He isn't in the least bit exotic looking haha.

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