The Fighter and The Kid – Episode 342: Sebastian Maniscalco

Brendan and Bryan welcome comedian Sebastian Maniscalco into the studio for Episode 342 of The Fighter and The Kid. They talk about Sebastian’s odd jobs, Bryan auditioning for his TV show, friendship with Jerry Seinfeld, and much more.


  1. Callen is one of the best to ever do this type of thing. His delivery speed is incredible. Just bam, bam, bam with the next on-subject point. Would love to see a fighter and the kid live but always so far away.

  2. I'm laughing at all you fuckin people saying you don't know who Sebastian is! Are you guys still watching Comic View on BET & rockin the Chappelle Show on vhs or somthin?! Pull your heads out of your fuckin asses it's 2018 & there's new comedians on the scene!

  3. its so funny when they start talking about how good social media is for popularity.. like they discovered something new

  4. There's an over-abundance of hair gel on this one. Thank God Bryan's there to even things out.


  6. Sebastian is who got me watching Joe Rogans podcast.

  7. Sebastian is who got me watching Joe Rogans podcast.

  8. Aren't you embarrassed? Still think of him every time I go to Chipotle.

  9. Bobby Lee name drops this dude all the time and seems to be all over his jock, although this is the first time I've ever seen him.

  10. If you like Chris D'Elia as a guest more, just set the playback speed to 1.25× or 1.5x.

  11. I see alot of people dont know who Sebastian is…check out ALL his work..dude is a fucking MONSTER LOL

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