Mark Henry Previews Arnold Classic 2018 Strongman Competition | Luke Thomas

Olympian, strongman, powerlifter and former WWE wrestler Mark Henry joined me on Thursday to preview the Arnold Classic 2018 Strongman competition. This year’s battle won’t feature Eddie Hall, but Thor Bjornsson (‘The Mountain’ from Game of Thrones) and Brian Shaw are back and likely to be the top two contenders. We also discuss the use of the Rogue elephant bar for the deadlift competition, the future of strength sports and more.

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  1. I know Luke thinks wrestling is for donks, but this interview was so refreshing because Henry knows how to interview through wrestling promos. I hardly listen to interviews with athletes because so many of them can't hold a fucking conversation

  2. He competed in steroid free contest which makes his records fucking ridiculous. Dude was powerful as

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