Live Chat: UFC 222 Recap, Canelo-PED Issue, GSP’s Potential Return

Today on the podcast, we’ll recap the results from UFC 222 including Cris Cyborg’s win, Brian Ortega defeating Frankie Edgar, Mackenzie Dern’s UFC debut and more. We’ll get into boxer Canelo Alvarez’s run in with a PED infraction for clenbuterol. We’ll also talk about Georges St-Pierre’s (GSP) potential return to the Octagon and more. This is the Promotional Malpractice Live Chat with Luke Thomas.


  1. How much more impressive is yoel Romero in a non PED world

  2. Spirit of the sport thing is so strong because sports are a genetic fitness game. It's a complex mating selection thing. PEDs muddy up our signals, hence the outcry.

  3. Love the live chats but had to skip this one, couldnt make it 10 minutes with the constant sniffing

  4. Thanks again for the great podcast. But the finished 'offline' recording has left the 'chat' function and it's only supposed to be there for 'live' feed, right? It's never happened before so you please preclude it from future finished recordings. Cheers, Luke. 🙂

  5. Can we PLEASE start a heated debate about Jordan Peterson, this seems like the place to do it

  6. F off luke. You got kids watching your show and you telling them to smoke weed. Tf… dude. Done listening to this guy.

  7. Just wait.

    Once someone corrects Luke on his pronunciation of "Patreon" he's going to issue a 10 minute long declaration on how "puh-tray-on" is the proper pronunciation in Columbia, and that we're all wrong as a result.

  8. Is this bearded nut job drunk or something? Dude lay off the sauce man, clean up your look, stop slurring words, stop being a social justice warrior and maybe this podcast would actually be good.

  9. I understand it’s a hardcore fan delight and it most likely won’t happen, but GSP vs Askren is fascinating to me, what do you guys think?

  10. Do you really think you're that much more intelligent than us fans? You spent 5 mins telling us to check out different sources before forming opinions on something. Jordan Peterson rise to fame isnt because uneducated people follow him blindly, they actually agree with him because he has facts to back up his claims. Unlike your podcast, where you spew out opinions as facts and vice versa. Your arrogance is the reason most mma fans don't take to you. Humble yourself here and on the Mma beat. You're no insightful than any other so called donk with am mma podcast.

  11. Edgar is an injury away from another shot right away or a win and holloway win away. I would say take another top 5 fight and then make the call on dropping depending on outcome .

  12. It was 71 today in the OC, my bro was in Boston for work today & text me a video of it snowing…brrrrr

  13. i love you man but the sniffing was bad enough to listen to without having to hear you throw mini fits about it on top lol

  14. Not trying to be a troll and I am not saying it is a huge deal but it does seem to be not the most professional. Could you imagine during an NFL show they just break out and start covering the NBA . . . the mma hour with Ariel Helwani

  15. WHY ARE WE COVERING BOXER PED USAGE? I am not trying to be negative Nancy but this is an mma fighting show. I remember recently Luke was asked how long mma fighting is going to cover pro wrestling because of Ronda and he replied that it will probably fade away the longer she is gone and that reminds me of this. I can't tell you how many mma things I watch or sites I go to where we cover boxing or pro wrestling. I mean are boxers talking about Yoel Romeros piss test or Jon Jones. Iv'e just never understood why mma channels always have to cover boxing and pro wrestling.

  16. frankie was winning that fight, dude it didnt even go on to round 2, it barely started frankie moving feinting and threw 1 leg kick and he was winning that, lol

  17. It bkows my mind that you would need us to send money.. your great ay what you DO. And still not getting paid well enough to have this stuff already…

    Alberta is up and running again if you wanna make some real cash..

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