Joe Rogan Experience #1090 – Andrew Santino


  1. Joe Rogan : "Whitney Cummings is one of the smartest people I know."

    Joey Diaz Translation : "They fucking FUCKED! Bitch had summa' that fUcking JOE ROGAN EXPERIENCE."

  2. I'm Chris Chamberlain. Share the RAW footage of the times I was on the podcast. No Edits. You have yet to air this shit. WTF?

  3. 46…………. I got 9 more years ! hoorah !
    Bussa buss @powerfulJRE have a look at MethodMan in @Effenaar

  4. Typical monkeys….and they wonder why whites owned them for 100s of years and why they're piss poor. Fuck you poor people. I piss on you Boyle heights

  5. OMFG, what an excellent podcast today!:) This is the 1st time that I've heard of or seen Andrew Santino, but goddamn he's so fucking fine…I so love gingers!;)

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