Joe Rogan Experience #1089 – John Dudley


  1. look at the cool hunters killing animals with weapons that fire bullets that go at hundreds of miles per hour, or with a compound bow that basically does the job for you, if you are a real hunter use a knife or a bow made with your own hands, and you call yourselves "hunters"? you are just spoiled kids with high tech toys.

  2. OMG everything literally has to be about him or what he posted or what he did. John learn how to have a conversation!!!!!

  3. All this guy talks about is himself. Anytime Joe brings up something he has to turn it into something about himself. This dude is a little full of himself.

  4. Anybody know where I can get the hat John Dudley is wearing?

  5. pandora listens to you also… next time before you open a pandora station sing a few lines of the song or say the title and when you open that station that song will play

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