Joe Rogan Experience #1087 – Sturgill Simpson


  1. I'm not a country fan and I'd never heard of Sturgill Simpson before this interview but really enjoyed listening to him. Cool guy.

  2. Rogan is right about how bad our nation fucked up with making marijuana illegal. Seriously, imagine the advancements today had it remained legal and was being used in medicine, science, education, textiles, etc….it's baffling to think about

  3. 2:07:27 "Nobody needs to be that stoned..that fast" ??? — Me everytime I review some new dab/vape gear ??

    Hey Joe: Every 10th of a gram dabbed has about as much THC as one large spliff.

  4. This one isn't a good one for the car. I turned it up loud enough to hear Sturgill's mumbling, then Joe talked and blew my doors off lol
    And! Did we make through an entire podcast without a cough? Progress!
    Still hitting the "like" way too much, but hey….baby steps.

  5. You either work for an employer a client or your family you always have to work for someone

  6. It funny that the people that outlawed pot made the same argument that the gun control folks are making. All bullshit

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