Joe Rogan Experience #1087 – Sturgill Simpson


  1. At first I was wondering why Wheeler Walker wasn't funny on this podcast…. And looked different.

  2. I had a tooth pulled a few days ago. My mom and I were talking about me possibly getting an implant. I never searched it online or anything, but today I had an ad about tooth implants pop up.

    I guess that's life now.

  3. I can build a house, fix a car, take care of people and animals at a basics level. But i love writing songs cause i feel 99% i am horrible at it – that 1 % is so incredible great and meaningful.

  4. People talk about alexa as if they are forced to buy it. No one is forcing you to buy alexa. throw it away. These couple of youtubers make it a big deal for the sake of talking points

  5. Part of the take off of Nashville started with California refugees from the housing blow-up in 2007/08. I have neighbors that were upside down in California and couldn't afford to be there anymore and could find a California $600k+ house for $130-180k here. To this day Nashville is one of the top city destinations for California emigrants. I think I saw it was 3rd most popular city a couple weeks ago (Austin being #1). Since it became popular, it is now extremely popular…refer to Jordan Peterson's expositions on Perato distributions.

  6. So you don't believe the interviewthat you did where les stroud talks about being around Bigfoot
    I think you should get in contact with Bear or Coonbo from a group Called Bigfoot outlaws and do an interview
    I used to think people were fukin cooks when they talked about seeing them also.
    Look into it and give it a good shake before you shit on people for what they saw not all of them are liers there are thousands of people who have sightings
    Love the show and Sturgill!

  7. This was a pretty enjoyable podcast. I'm not a country music dude but he seems like a cool guy.

  8. Wish Joe would let sturgill finish a thought before interrupting him with the same shit he' always talking about. It's like he doesn't even want to hear what sturgill has say. Like he's just waiting his turn to speak

  9. I think Sturgill does the Rogan podcast because he knows that Joe knows dick about music, and won’t ask him how he feels about building a career by biting Waylon’s sound. Seriously. This should be the 800 lb. gorilla in the room at a Sturgill interview, yet Waylon Jennings is not mentioned, once. I did hear a ‘Shooter’ mention… but this was not pursued, likely because his dad might be folded into the conversation. The first time I heard Simpson was hearing ‘The Promise’ at a party. I was convinced that it was a Waylon Jennings impersonator. I then found out that someone has actually compiled a catalog, and following, based on millennials and other neophytes having no idea that Waylon Jennings existed. Sturgill says he came around at the ‘right time’. The ‘right time’ is recording and touring while millennials and other neophytes have no idea that Waylon Jennings existed.

  10. a guy was in my work buying something for the first time and he came up on people you may know on my coworkers facebook. that's scary

  11. I enjoyed listening to this, so I decided to look up his music. God damn do I wish I never did that.

  12. I would take the fx in Clash of the Titans any day over transformers! That movie absolutely still holds up!, Love u Sturgil, thnx Joe!

  13. It funny that the people that outlawed pot made the same argument that the gun control folks are making. All bullshit

  14. You either work for an employer a client or your family you always have to work for someone

  15. This one isn't a good one for the car. I turned it up loud enough to hear Sturgill's mumbling, then Joe talked and blew my doors off lol
    And! Did we make through an entire podcast without a cough? Progress!
    Still hitting the "like" way too much, but hey….baby steps.

  16. 2:07:27 "Nobody needs to be that stoned..that fast" ??? — Me everytime I review some new dab/vape gear ??

    Hey Joe: Every 10th of a gram dabbed has about as much THC as one large spliff.

  17. Rogan is right about how bad our nation fucked up with making marijuana illegal. Seriously, imagine the advancements today had it remained legal and was being used in medicine, science, education, textiles, etc….it's baffling to think about

  18. I'm not a country fan and I'd never heard of Sturgill Simpson before this interview but really enjoyed listening to him. Cool guy.

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