GSP vs. McGregor Bigger Than Mayweather vs. McGregor? Nope | Luke Thomas

Would Georges St-Pierre vs. Conor McGregor be a bigger pay-per-view success than the boxing-MMA crossover fight between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor? GSP’s coach Firas Zahabi believes it might be possible. In this clip from my radio show, I explain why the data likely doesn’t support that idea.

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  1. Mayweather was also smaller against Connor, but connor prefers smaller fighters for his reach advantage, we know that

  2. GSP should fight Ben Askren, that is a genuine close match-up. Mcgregor will most likely end up having a friendly fight with gayweather in the octogon, make fuckloads of money and then retire

  3. I like GSP.I think he is a stand-up guy.But when he talks about a "legacy" fight CM isn't it.Conor has yet to defend ANY belt he's won.To the point the FW belt was stripped from him (way to go tough guy).To me a true real champion defends his belt.McGregor needs to do this a few times and then and only then would a fight w/ GSP make sense.As far as i am concerned.As it is now it really is all about the  dollas in this case.That's fine.Just own it Georges.Just own it.

  4. Luke is speaking "abstractly" about a potential matchup in MMA. This guy seems to think that he's an analyst on MSNBC.

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