GSP vs. McGregor Bigger Than Mayweather vs. McGregor? Nope | Luke Thomas

Would Georges St-Pierre vs. Conor McGregor be a bigger pay-per-view success than the boxing-MMA crossover fight between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor? GSP’s coach Firas Zahabi believes it might be possible. In this clip from my radio show, I explain why the data likely doesn’t support that idea.

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  1. Mayweather was also smaller against Connor, but connor prefers smaller fighters for his reach advantage, we know that

  2. GSP should fight Ben Askren, that is a genuine close match-up. Mcgregor will most likely end up having a friendly fight with gayweather in the octogon, make fuckloads of money and then retire

  3. I like GSP.I think he is a stand-up guy.But when he talks about a "legacy" fight CM isn't it.Conor has yet to defend ANY belt he's won.To the point the FW belt was stripped from him (way to go tough guy).To me a true real champion defends his belt.McGregor needs to do this a few times and then and only then would a fight w/ GSP make sense.As far as i am concerned.As it is now it really is all about the  dollas in this case.That's fine.Just own it Georges.Just own it.

  4. Luke is speaking "abstractly" about a potential matchup in MMA. This guy seems to think that he's an analyst on MSNBC.

  5. Diaz vs McGregor 3 needs to be for a belt. No belt=1.5 million buys. belt=1.8 million buys. Ideally Conor fights the winner of Fergy and Khabib. God willing he wins that, he can fight Nate for the 155 lbs belt to complete the Trilogy. Nate would of couyrse have to also win a fight against a top 10 before that happens.

  6. Floyd x cm punk would be bigger. GSP x khabib is the most interesting potential gsp fight

  7. "Conor vs GSP is a competitive fight"
    I can't believe adult people with a degree of mma expertise aren't embarassed saying this

  8. Bigger for fightfans not a bigger PPV because casuals rule the PPV records and casuals only know Mayweather and McGregor as the biggest stars. They don't know who GSPis , the dude has only fought once in the past 5 years or so cmon, they had to be into the ufc years ago to recall who GSP is.
    GSP is a consistent huge draw for fight fans but when talking about records he isn't gonna deliver like Mayweather vs McGregor I'm sorry thats just a fucking lie.


  10. But why should we care about PPV buys? These conversations are getting tiresome.

  11. I think about the only Knockouts in GSP fights are him getting knocked out by Sarah

  12. You have to think about how many more people know about conor since maymac. I still dont think it beats it though. Bet its over 2 million

  13. I wish Luke would stop making up these claims that no one in their right mind believes and is talking about them as if everyone believes it, as if he's being the voice of reason.

  14. As a pure mma fight GSP/McGregor would set the mark that'd probably be tough to match with any 2 different names. But against Floyd vs Conor outdoing that? Never, because now you're bringing a totally different sport fan base into the mix. GSP would never attract boxing fans or those who despise mma. Floyd does that!

  15. Conor vs GSP will easily do 2 million buys and could reach 3 mills with the right promotion and shit talk. It might not be the biggest ppv of all time, but it's definitely the biggest ppv in MMA history and that's a big milestone.

  16. Does anyone else hate everyone talking about these stupid fights like this? I mean mcgregor isn’t as good as khabib don’t think he is as good as tony or khabib but definitely not khabib and everyone feeds into his wwe type personality and wants to put him fights like that. What about khabib. He is fun to listen to and I’d rather listen to him then woodleys why am I not getting this, race card crying. But he isn’t the best lightweight

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