Crazy Bar And Restaurant Stories | Luke Thomas

Having worked the door in several bars, I’ve seen some reasonably crazy things. Having been a waiter, I’ve dealt with some wild people. I tell some of my stories on the air as well as take calls from listeners who share their perspectives.

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  1. to the kid who talked about not letting people in with sagging pants, learn how to not ramble when on air and bore us with your dumb stories. get on say your story and get off

  2. I don't know any other profession that's as high paced and insane as a restaurant.

  3. The only problem that I have with eliminating tipping is the possible decrease in quality of service that people would receive. When I was in Paris, you could get a server to help you to save your life and meals consistently took several hours, even for just a sandwich and cup of soup. It could be a cultural thing, but I would rarely go out to eat if it was the same here.

  4. I don't understand the concept of feeling obliged to money from customers

  5. There not really tips if there making up the wages , I’m from Europe and that’s absolutely scandalous

  6. Hey Luke, thanks heaps for that insight and disclosure of some of your personal stories brother…they were proper laugh out loud category dude.
    Great to here you in an ' off duty ' kinda tone, busting out spontaneous styles the Bouncer Luke Lore….hilarious bro!
    Plus, didnt realised you served….much to admire dude. Cheers.
    Lovin the new format…keep it comin.

    With Thanks,
    From Australia mate.

    Thoroughly enjoyed

  7. WTF!!! That's ridiculous why should ur tips be used to pay ur wages.. A tip is on top of ur pay for doing a good job

  8. Seriously 17 times 2 is 33? Wtf man? Marissa you seem like a nice person but you are stupid as a doorknob

  9. Wow – just got to the part of him shaking people's beers out. Well, just lost all my respect for Luke. Basically he stole their money, and now laughs about it and thumps his chest. Luke, you have issues. Seriously, lost all respect this guy.

  10. Tipping 20% is ridiculously high. You better be wiping people's asses if you expect that much. And the tip is based on the quality of service, not the price of the meal. That's another metric that makes no sense.

  11. wide receivers-were black of course, its not the patriots!! ..when you starting standup lucky!?

  12. Don t usually like your off mma topic podcasts Luke ,however this one I enjoyed because we got to hear more about some of the interesting personal stories of yours .By the way…….what is your middle name ? Maybe it makes up for the 2 first names. Just a thought.

  13. love me some sunday content so i can enjoy being an alcoholic donk

  14. As an Australian I find tipping to be unnecessary. The waiter should be paid a decent wage from the employer and people should only need to pay for what they consume.

  15. Taking an internship with Luke Thomas is worse than being an intern at ISIS …. god help this poor soul !

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