Crazy Bar And Restaurant Stories | Luke Thomas

Having worked the door in several bars, I’ve seen some reasonably crazy things. Having been a waiter, I’ve dealt with some wild people. I tell some of my stories on the air as well as take calls from listeners who share their perspectives.

The Luke Thomas Show airs weekdays, 3 to 6pm ET, on SiriusXM RUSH, channel 93.


  1. Taking an internship with Luke Thomas is worse than being an intern at ISIS …. god help this poor soul !

  2. As an Australian I find tipping to be unnecessary. The waiter should be paid a decent wage from the employer and people should only need to pay for what they consume.

  3. love me some sunday content so i can enjoy being an alcoholic donk

  4. Don t usually like your off mma topic podcasts Luke ,however this one I enjoyed because we got to hear more about some of the interesting personal stories of yours .By the way…….what is your middle name ? Maybe it makes up for the 2 first names. Just a thought.

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